6 december

Look before you Lock-In:  Cloud Storage Pitfalls to Avoid

Marco Berkheij
Marco Berkheij

Sales Director Enterprise, Benelux

Migrating storage to the cloud often leads to unexpected costs and security risks from opaque pricing models. Attendees will learn how to avoid common billing pitfalls and bolster ransomware protections using features like multi-factor authentication, multi-user authentication, and S3 Object Lock. We will uncover the hidden charges driving up bills and discuss real-world examples of organisations feeling “locked-in” to increasingly expensive contracts.

In this session we will discuss:

  • Strategies for accurately forecasting cloud data storage costs
  • How to enable robust access controls and immutability to prevent ransomware
  • Real-world examples of vendor lock-in
  • Multi-cloud approaches to prevent lock-in

Marco will share his insider knowledge of cloud storage best practices so attendees can confidently evaluate providers like Wasabi and construct flexible, cost-optimised, and ransomware-resilient data architectures. Attendees will leave empowered with strategies to tame cloud bills and prevent lock-in, enabling them to take advantage of multi-cloud flexibility and the innovation of best-of-breed services

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Marco Berkheij
Marco Berkheij

Sales Director Enterprise, Benelux



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