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Getting Started with Private AI

Picture of Arnold Juffer and Bam Gobets
Arnold Juffer and Bam Gobets


Nebul’s presentation serves as an indispensable guide for corporate leaders and stakeholders. It aims to unpack the transformative power of Generative AI for businesses across pivotal areas.

The presentation tackles the risks associated with Public AI platforms, such as security vulnerabilities and the potential for erroneous outputs, and emphasizes the crucial strategies for integrating Private AI into organizational frameworks.

As a strategic choice, Private AI ensures the safe application of AI technologies within corporations. We will examine a maturity matrix and delve into crucial aspects like model training and implementing inference in operational settings.

The discussion extends to the tangible requirements for infrastructure, encompassing necessary hardware, software, and skill sets, alongside fundamental security considerations. It also underscores the significance of establishing the right partnerships for success.

Navigating through the stages from concept development and AI experimentation to full-scale implementation within a corporate context, the presentation provides a clear path forward for corporate use.

“Getting Started with Private AI” is crafted to be a succinct, enlightening roadmap for entities poised to confidently steer through the AI landscape.


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Picture of Arnold Juffer and Bam Gobets
Arnold Juffer and Bam Gobets



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