6 december

Beating Latency with a Distributed Cloud

Tim Vereecke
Tim Vereecke

Principal Technical Solutions Architect

In this use case driven session we uncover the design choices, challenges and best practices when migrating scalemates.com (the largest scale modeling website in the world) from a single datacenter to a distributed automated cloud architecture on Akamai and Linode.

The main goal was improving performance of non cacheable HTML and API across the globe.

We will cover:

  • Understanding the problem (speed of ultra dynamic content)
  • Design options
    • Picking the most impactful Datacenter locations
    • Sizing and scalability options
    • Load balancing considerations at the Edge
    • Containerization (K8S) or not?
    • Distributed data and caching concerns
    • What to run at the Edge/Cloud?
  • Automation
    • Automation using Terraform (CDN and Infra)
    • When to stop automating
    • Gradual rollout to validating results
  • Results and Future improvements

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Tim Vereecke
Tim Vereecke

Principal Technical Solutions Architect



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