Horizon Telecom

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Horizon Telecom is an international independent next-generation telecom-as-a-service provider. Established in 2014, Horizon Telecom operates globally in a carrier-neutral manner and currently orchestrates the mission-critical digital infrastructure of over 200 clients, 24/7.

At Horizon Telecom, customers have the autonomy to select from smart and globally available solutions for communication, connectivity, security, and related professional services. Customers at Horizon Telecom can choose from the offerings of over 1,400 partners with whom the company collaborates globally. Customers get 1 contact, 1 contract, 1 SLA (Service Level Agreement), and 1 invoice, regardless of the collaborating parties, and the company supports clients in their own language.

Horizon Telecom is exceptionally committed to a customer-centric approach. With an impressive Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 51, the company significantly outperforms competitors within the sector. Horizon Telecom features its own Network Operating Centre (NOC), a distinctive Global Voice Platform, and an advanced Global Control Portal for clients.

The company exclusively collaborates with technology partners holding the most esteemed GartnerĀ® accreditations, and Horizon Telecom has attained the highest premium certifications from leading entities such as Cato Networks, RingCentral, Zscaler, and Vmware.